Thursday, February 12, 2009


Steve and I on the airplane to Cali!

Our Christmas Tree!!

The amazing pop-up card!

Cutest couple ever!!

Ok... I have to apologize for not being a very good blogger! I in no way mean to keep my life such a secrete. From my last blog up till now so much has occurred and an update could take days. I will try my best to bring you all up to par on my life over the past 4 months. I did finish up my rotations in Denver Colorado along with a relationship that I felt was not right for me nor right for the other individual. I do not know what it is, but calling off a relationship with someone that you have spent so much time with and had so many experiences and memories with is never easy. Dating is really a hard part of life. No one likes to hurt the feelings of others or get their own feelings hurt, but nothing is more rewarding then noticing later on that your choice to call things off was absolutely the right choice. Throughout my life I feel that I have been blessed to be guided in the right directions to learn what I need to learn from people in order to improve on my own character and progress to where I am at this time. For me timing seems to be everything. Those of you who know me well and know about my past experiences are well aware of how through the right timing I have been able to accomplish and do so much in my life. Here are just a few examples:

1. When I returned to Salt Lake after attending Snow College for two years. I had my EMT license and no work experience. My father ran into a gentleman who worked as a physician at LDS hospital ER. Through him, I got the number of a man who hired EMT's in the ER. I had no idea even what the work title was but I call the man and asked about the job. Here is the response I got "yeah... we have a tech job. In fact we are interviewing today. So bring your resume and we will interview you at one o'clock!" Yep... that is how I got the job in the ER which eventually lead to an RN job and helped provided a great resume and letters of recommendation to get into the PA program.

2. My first semester into the nursing program I had a roommate that had served a mission. I do not know why but the thoughts of going on a mission were on my mind everyday. i decided to pray about it and my answer came as a yes. I did not know this but the U of U nursing program allowed students to take a leave of absence for a religious mission. I put in my papers around march/april and when I got my call a week later, I was called to Taibei Taiwan but was not scheduled to leave till september. I did not understand this, I put my availability for June.  Again, the timing of my mission was understood when I returned home from my mission and started my ER job two days after being home from the mission thanks to a tech breaking his leg the very day I went in to say hi to my old ER crew. Also, when I went back to nursing school the program had changed from a 5 semester to a 4 semester allowing me to graduate about 6 months earlier. September was perfect timing to leave on my mission.

3. Last example... all the people I have dated have been a wonderful blessing in my life and have been there at the right time in my life. I have learned so much from each of them. As mentioned above, timing has been everything. Before my mission, when I was dating and hanging out with a lot of different individuals, I was introduced to an individual who is described in my journal as "absolutely amazing and way too good for me!" The two of us dated for about 3 weeks and for some reason (maybe not the right timing!), I just did not feel anything for him at the time. I did not even know his last name while we were dating. I let him go and went on my way dating others. Upon returning from my mission, I ran into an old friend who said she had meet someone that I used to date. They said his name and for a moment I could not remember him, then it dawned on me. He was the absolutely amazing guy that I not only did not feel anything for at the time but also did not know his last name the whole time we were dating. It had been about 6 years since I had seen or even heard his name. About a week later I received a phone call from him and we went for a run up city creek canyon. It was a nice long run which gave me plenty of time to apologize for not ever knowing his last name. We got all caught up on the past 6 years and the adventures we had been through. A week later I met Brock and over the course of a year dated him and learned from him what I felt I needed to. The last month in Denver when my heart knew that things with Brock were not right and I had informed Brock of this, the man, who I now new his last name, contacted me. Absolutely perfect timing. Through our phone conversations he requested I make him a pop-up card inviting him to come to Denver to drive back with me to Salt Lake (see picture above!). His request was granted and the drive home to Salt Lake was the start of an absolutely amazing relationship. There were many things I had to learn over the past 7 years and adventures that I needed to experience. Now seven years later I am the happiest I have ever been with someone I still can't believe I dated over seven years ago. Life is full of surprises and everything happens for a reason especially when the timing is right!

After moving back to Salt Lake at the end of November, I have continued my schooling in the Salt Lake valley. I am currently doing my ER rotation with all my friends up at LDS and IMC. I really enjoy what I do and am excited to be graduated at the end of July. Still no exact thoughts as to which area I would like to practice in, but I know that everything will workout in the right timing. I have been dating Steve LUKER (yep... I am certain of his last name now!) for about 3 months and never have I been so excited about someone and so connected. Those of you that have met him know what I mean when I say he fits me well! I do not know what happened seven years ago that turned me away from him and everyday I think about how perfect the timing is. I would not have had all my past adventures or be where I am today if I had realized how amazing he was seven years ago. Above are a few pictures of the adventures Steve and I have already experienced and memories we now share together.


Robyn said...

Oh Ash, I LOVE IT! I love that he is looking at YOU in the Christmas tree picture. You are right, he does seem to fit you so well and you seemed so happy when I saw you together at Christmas. Cool post about timing. Sometimes it is so hard to understand at the time, but important to look back and acknowledge later. Good luck!

ABW said...

hey smash. so good to hear from you. good for you and mr. luker :) timing is everything, someone is looking after you :)

katherine said...

love the update ash! looks like all is well. i hope things continue to workout for you in the right time!! take care!

Nannon said... your face! Love Steve's face too. Last night was a BLAST with you two. Who would believe that Bart's Karaoke bar could be so much fun? Thanks for planning such a fun night!

Lanes said...

Yeah for Huge updates! You guys look great and I hope things continue to go well! Love you babe!

si tu veux said...

Ashlee...good to hear from you. You have had a lot going on. WOW!!! Hope this finds you well and ready for celebrations and Valentines.

Happy Valentines Day

(Brian and Stacie family)

si tu veux said...

good to see you yesterday. Hey...if you can't get into this website try this one and leave me your email..

Hugs. --stacie

Aubrey Garff said...

Ashley! It's me Aubs! Hope you are well, good to see you online!

Steve Luker said...

These were happy times. I miss you Pip!

Steve Luker said...

These were happy times. I miss you Pip!

Steve Luker said...

These were happy times. I miss you Pip!